About Me

I'm a first year grad student in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at Penn State. My advisor is Jason Wright. I also work closely with Jason Eastman (CfA) through my involvement in the MINiature Exoplanet Radial Velocity Array (MINERVA) Collaboration. My current research is focused on the characterization of exoplanets, and getting a finicky set of telescopes to work the way I want them to. I did my undergrad at Caltech in astrophysics and with a minor in planetary science, and graduated in 2020.

Outside of work, I like rock climbing, cross-stitch, taking the utmost advantage of my NYT Crossword Subscription, and trying to keep my cat from using my phone as a toy. I also enjoy singing and practicing my new ukulele skills.

  • ckd5370@psu.edu
  • 537 Davey Lab, Penn State


Current and Past Projects


    MINERVA is an array of small robotic telescopes designed for both radial velocity and transit studies of exoplanets. I'm currently working on software upgrades that I anticipate will drastically improve the number and quality of measurements we are able to take.

  • Gl 414A System

    Through a joint analysis of radial velocity, stellar activity index, and photometry data, I discovered two planets around Gl 414A.

  • A Search for Planets Around the Most Metal-Poor Stars

    I worked on a search of metal-poor stars in TESS data, in search of planets or lack thereof.


  • Two Planets Straddling the Habitable Zone of the Nearby K Dwarf Gl 414A
    Dedrick, C. M., et al. 2021, AJ, 161, 86  

  • California Legacy Survey I. A Catalog of 178 Planets from Precision Radial Velocity Monitoring of 719 Nearby Stars over Three Decades
    Rosenthal, L. J., et al. 2021, ApJS, 255, 8  

  • California Legacy Survey II. Occurrence of Giant Planets beyond the Ice Line
    Fulton, B. J., et al. 2021, ApJS, 255, 14  

  • Another Shipment of Six Short-Period Giant Planets from TESS
    Rodriguez, J. E., et al. 2022, Submitted to MNRAS  
Statement regarding the author lists of two of the above papers (CW: SA/Harassment).
On the CLS I & II papers, I am included as a co-author alongside Geoff Marcy, a known serial sexual harasser and abuser. I was not a part of the decision to offer him authorship and I had no recourse to ask that he be removed. However, I have chosen to remain an author on the papers in spite of his inclusion. This was important to me both because of my significant contributions to the RVSearch pipeline and because I refuse to make any more sacrifices for abusive men. I am committed to doing everything I can to make astronomy a safe and inclusive field, and that includes never collaborating with GM or other harassers. Read more.